Media Mention: Lessons Learned

I have not been good about updates recently, but I will be using some time over the holidays to get some more pieces out. To start with a few posts catching up on some recent media mentions.

Earlier this month I had a short piece published in McKights about what we have learned at APFM over the years. It is tied to the fact that we have recently passed the threshold of connected over 1 million families to senior housing communities. Obviously I wasn’t here for all of it, but the current team built off the base the founders created. Fun fact: Given recent growth rates more than 50% of those connections happened in the 3.5 years I have been here (vs the ten years before when I wasn’t)

Here is the piece: Lessons learned from helping a million families


Zintro recently wrote a piece on the biggest mistakes companies make when doing market research. I was quoted:

The biggest mistake is not deciding beforehand what they will do with the answers.

Most of the time Market Research is done for the sake of it and to feel good about a
decision you were going to make anyway. Good market research design helps you make decisions – by deciding before you even start how different answers will cause you to go forward with different routes. If you are going to do the same thing regardless of the result you get back you are wasting your time – and lining the pockets of the services company (who will be happy to take your money)

Here is the full article: 30 market research experts reveal 1 biggest mistake companies make contracting market research wrote a piece on which Digital Marketing Strategies one should use to target Boomers. I was quoted:

Don’t discount the power of the telephone, says Edward Nevraumont, CMO, A Place for Mom, which connects families to senior care. “Even Expedia still does 25 percent of its bookings over the phone. The internet is great for a lot of things (including keeping costs down), but it’s almost always worth it to make it easy for someone to pick up the phone and call you to help complete a transaction.”

Full article is here: 9 digital marketing strategies to woo baby boomers


Now I get to sit down and write something new. Stay tuned.