Media Mention: MediaPost and Engage:Boomers – Fighting the Last War

I recently wrote an article for MediaPost’s Boomer section. The ask was for an article on how Boomers are using the internet. I shifted the focus a little (as I tend to do) to talk about how many companies focused on seniors are just now realizing how important the internet is (shocking I know…). Unfortunately this is happening just as Boomers are shifting from the internet to mobile.

Seniors (and Boomers) have tended to be late adopters. That’s helpful for marketers as we can learn from other industries and we don’t need to be overall innovative (just innovative within the senior space). The issue is that it seems those marketing to seniors also seem to be late adopters.

There are companies trying to do cutting edge stuff in the senior space. The issue is those folks are TOO ahead of where their market is. It’s a fine line.

I call it “fighting the last war”

Here is the full article: