How to Market a Country

(Hint: Make the visa process easier, not harder)

Last year I was approached by Dubai (The Emirate) to be their CMO. They were looking for someone who could make Dubai the number one destination on the planet by 2020 (they were currently #5). It was very interesting opportunity, but ultimately I did not move my family to Dubai (the story of why I did not move is great fodder for another post).

As part of the process I did a lot of thinking about how one would effectively market a destination – particularly a place like Dubai. I spoke with a lot of people and pulled publicly available data to put together a Powerpoint presentation on my theory. Below you can find the entire presentation. My conclusion was that traditional destination marketing is not done very well. If you are a destination marketer or are ever asked to market a destination, feel free to steal as many ideas as you like from the document below – or even reach out to me if you would like more details on my thinking.

The presentation: