Stop being Excellent

I started this blog to write a book about Marketing (appropriately called “Marketing Is Easy”). The thesis was to be that you could have far more impact in marketing by focusing on a few simple things rather than chasing new “cool” things like big data and personalization. As I wrote I realized the application of focusing on simple things and avoiding complicated “cool” things was far broader than just marketing. I discovered how recruiting at McKinsey, kickers in the NFL, teaching, parenting, automotive safety, medicine, venture capital, music production, investing, weight loss and even science itself all follow the same rules. There are clear steps that will get you “good enough” and which point you are subject to random factors outside your control. But if you do enough of the good enough things you can practically guarantee success. And that’s a far better choice than chasing after “excellence”.

So I’m writing a different book. “Good Enough: Why Good is Better Than Excellent”

The book is a mix of data and storytelling. It attempts to explain why you should spend both your business and personal lives focused on being good and forget about trying to be excellence. It covers all of the areas I mentioned above and many more. In it I talk about a mysterious phenomenon I call The Invisible Kink. I dig into telepathy (really). I jump between analytical data to real world examples of application – including examples from my own career as a practitioner – to prove that this philosophy actually works.

The book is under construction but this is your chance to get a first look at it.

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If you still aren’t sure, you can read the first draft of the first part of the first chapter here. It should give you a feel for what to expect.



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